4 Must-Visit Sites in the Inner Banks

Top Things to See While Staying at Waterside Resort

There are many great things to explore throughout the Inner Banks of North Carolina while staying at Waterside Resort. Here are a few of our suggestions.

1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse

One of the last surviving screwpile lighthouses in America, it originally stood in the mouth of the Roanoke river but has since then been restored and relocated to its current location. One of the main attractions in historical Edenton, the lighthouse is the perfect place to see what life was like for a lighthouse keeper in the 1800’s. The structure is open to tours for all people and is within walking distance from downtown Edenton. The property is also a wonderful place for a view of the Edenton Bay, so if you want some great vacation photos make sure to take some time to swing by! This is a wonderful activity for those who want to learn about the historical aspects of Edenton. 

Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge

The Roanoke River Wildlife Refuge is for those lovers of nature wishing to spend a day among the trees, plants, and animals of Coastal North Carolina. The refuge, established in 1989, is home to over 200+ species of birds, mammals, and fish all waiting to be seen by visitors. Make sure to check before you go to visit, however, as the refuge is closed to the general public during the hunting seasons, where a special permit is required. Special fishing licenses are also needed for certain tributaries, but the Roanoke river is open to fishing regardless. There are viewing areas along Highways 13 and 17, and many informal hiking trails throughout. Take some time to plan out a great day in the middle of some of the natural beauty of North Carolina! 

Edenton Bay Cruises

If you’re visiting Edenton during the warmer months of the year, make sure to plan some time for a wonderful time with Edenton Bay Cruises. Run by Captain Thesier, you’ll be in for a treat on his six-passenger vessel. Captain Mark will tell you all about the Edenton area while you enjoy the beautiful cites around the Edenton Bay. You can even enjoy snacks and a small meal along the journey, perfect for a day out on the bay. There are even special charters available for groups to partake in, such as the Captain’s sunset cruises. You can find Edenton Bay Cruises at the end of South Broad Street across from the Edenton Welcome Center. Make sure you don’t miss out on a wonderful time on the water. 

Pettigrew State Park

For those who wish for another way to enjoy the water, Pettigrew State Park borders 16,000-acre Lake Phelps perfect for exploration. The State Park is home some of the oldest trees on the East Coast, bikes are allowed on most trails, and rich history from the Native American tribes who lived before the colonies. The park is known to be a fantastic place to fish with plenty of access for boaters, kayaks, and canoes.